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Thirteen Tuesday to Saint Anthony of Padua

Thirteen Tuesday to Saint Anthony of Padua

I promise to never recommend devotions, and less on the blog, which is not devotional, but it said all that, because it is very effective. It will be a miracle, or fatigue, but the saint replied.

The origin of Thirteen
Tuesdays is lost in tradition, the legend and the devotion of the faithful. It is said to be due to the many miracles that San Antonio de Padua on Thursday following the day of his death (June 13 1231), so that all those who helped him were invoked. Another source seems to be that, after his canonization, arose in the Christian custom of preparing for the celebration of the feast of San Antonio, dedicating the 13 preceding the Tuesday June 13. Another tradition speaks of a woman, asking for a miracle, ninth Tuesday offered to the saint, after this had not yet achieved what was achieved, thus requiring continued andalusia saint, until the thirteenth Tuesday, which achieved grace. Whatever the origin, the number 13 is magical significance here, in this case, the grace and blessing. Leon XIII granted March 1, 1898 plenary indulgence for each of the Thirteen Tuesday (or Sundays) consecutive, in which devotees receive the sacraments and practice some pious exercise in honor of the saint.

For the signal ...
My Lord Jesus Christ ...
Opening prayer. Prostrate at your feet, oh my protector amantísimo San Antonio, I offer you the pious exercise that I practice for me to reach the Lord’s forgiveness of my sins, the virtues of my own state, the final perseverance and the grace with special request this devotion. But if I do not agree, obtenme a perfect conformity to the divine will. Amen.
Then read the sentence on Tuesday (or Sunday) appropriate:

TUESDAY 1: CHARITY. O flame of love for God and neighbor, San Antonio! Compadécete my coolness in the service of God and my brothers and alcánzame the virtue of charity, with which all can achieve temporal and eternal goods.

TUESDAY 2: SPIRITUAL JOY. Oh, faithful observer of the divine precepts and Rule Seraphic, San Antonio! Otórgame the spiritual joy in the performance of my duties and I will be happy in this world and in the other.

TUESDAY 3: PEACE. Oh, peaceful villages and cities, San Antonio! Get for me and my family the peace that Jesus came to bring to the earth, and I give in this life and the rights of another child of God.

TUESDAY 4: PATIENCE. Oh, sacrificed servant of the Most High, San Antonio! Get your pleas for patience I need to carry the cross of my duties, which I open the gates of heaven.

TUESDAY 5: THE LONGANIMIDAD. Oh, generous advocate of the poor, San Antonio! Make me enamore longanimidad to deserve the greatest thanks to God and to obtain grants and eternal happiness

TUESDAY 6: THE KINDNESS. Oh, gifts benefactor, San Antonio! Dígnate extend the sweet virtue of kindness to me, so I’m not happy with apparent justice, but is really good before God and men, as desired.

TUESDAY 7: THE BEGINGN. Oh, sovereign San Antonio! Alcánzame a holy kind to my neighbor, so you do not want other weapons against my enemies more than pray for them and make them well.

TUESDAY 8: THE GENTLENESS. Oh, humble San Antonio! Obtenme for your gentleness that merits that captivates even the bad, and that will save her with many.

TUESDAY 9: THE FAITH. Oh, defender of the Church and the hammer of heretics, San Antonio! Strengthens my faith more and more, to enjoy their unique benefits in time and eternity.

TUESDAY 10: THE MODESTY. Oh, perfect model of honesty, San Antonio! Alcánzame modesty, restraint and modesty in deeds and words, so you can know and to oppose the bubbles and vanities that I resigned my baptism.

TUESDAY 11: THE CONTINENCE. Oh virginal lover of Jesus, San Antonio! I beg the grace of continence in all things relating to the external pleasures, honors and riches, to prepare a worthy dwelling place Christ in my heart.

TUESDAY 12: THE CHASTITY. Oh lily of purity, San Antonio! Have mercy on me, so that despite the difficulties that surround me, keep my status as chastity and attain to see God in heaven.

TUESDAY 13: Oh, tree of all virtues, San Antonio! Season in me the fruits of the Holy Spirit in these thirteen weeks I have asked, so that pleases the Lord God my works, and they give me grace and glory.

Every Tuesday to pray one Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory.
End responsory of the San Buenaventura and the final pray.

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